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  • HUXCleanerTM In-Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner
  • Special Features :
  • Pen Type : First in the World (Patented)
  • Very usefully device to clean Fiber Optic Ferrule inside of Adaptor in field
  • Over 500 wipes by one HUXCleaner
  • Best Cleaning Effect
  • Cleaning Cost Save
  • No need open the Frame to clean the Ferrule inside of Adaptor
  • Used advanced cleaning fabric which has better suction oil and dust than present swabs
  • Easy and Simple and Pocket Portable
  • Windows for showing the remain cleaning times
  • Any customer size ferrule/stub available like Transceiver, LEMO, E2000…
  • Specifications :
Brand Name HUXCleaner
No. of cleaning times by one HUXCleaner over 500 wipes
Housing Material Plastic
Tip Material Plastic/basic1 or Metal/option
Cleaning Fabric Special Yarn
Length (included Cap) 145mm
Length (included Cap) Individual
Refill None
  • How To Clean?
  • Insert HUXCleaner Tip into Adaptor and push the Ferrule.
  • Turn Rotator 1~2 clicks clockwise.