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  • HUXTunCord Optical Tuned Patchcords

HUXTuncordTM is tuned and manufactured according to TIA/EIA Standard for Intermateability Performance. TheFibers’ Optical Tuned Patchcords are suitable for High Performance Transmission System In order for the performance of the con- nectorized passive devices to be consistent between the manufacturers testing facility and the customers testing facility the variability of the connector loss MUST be minimized. Even with a core offset of 0.5 um if the connectors are not tuned using Tuning Masters the resulting variability in the loss when mated to other connectors can be significant compared to the intrinsic loss in the passive component.

HUXTuncordTM is core eccentricities are to be tuned shall be oriented towards the connector key as illustrated by TIA/EIA Standard. There are two kinds of Tuned angular of ± 45deg and ± 30deg of the Key.

  • Special Features :
  • High Performance Transmission.
  • Tuned Angular ± 45deg ( ± 30deg option).
  • Various Connector Type Available.
  • 100% Geometrical Inspection by DORC.
  • 100% Vidual Test by 800X.
  • Complied with Telcordia GR-910-CORE.
  • Quality System by TL9000 & ISO9001 both.
  • Fast Delivery within 1 week always.
  • Specifications :
Parameter HUXTuncord TM
Tuned Angular 1 ± 45deg/SU,SA,FU,FA ± 30deg/TU,LU
Insertion Loss (Max) 2 < 0.3dB
Return Loss (Min) 3 >55dB/UPC, >60dB/APC
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤ 0.1 dB
Geometrical Specification 10 ∼ 25 mm (PC)
Radius of Curvature 5 ∼ 15 mm (APC)
Fiber Height (spherical Fit) ± 50 nm
1550nm 1543 – 1557nm
Apex Offset 0 ∼ 50 um
Maximum Power Handling 4 250mW
Operating Temperature -40 to 75 ℃
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 85 ℃
Humidity 95 % RH (Non-packaging)