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  • ReelClean500TM Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner
  • Special Features :
  • Over 500 wipes by one ReelClean500
  • Designed for most kinds of optical connectors
  • Compact size for Hand-held operating
  • Best Cleaning Effect by one time wipe
  • Cleaning Time Save
  • Dry Special Anti-Static Microfiber Fabric without any residues and Lint and Solvent Free
  • Easy Replacement Reel
  • For cleaning of dust/oil/particle/alcohol/etc
  • Windows for showing the remain cleaning times
  • By resilient Rubber Pad
  • RoHS complied
  • Specifications :
Brand Name ReelClean500
No. of cleaning times by one ReelClean500 over 500 wipes
Housing Material Plastic (White Color)
Applying Connector SC/FC/ST/E2000/LC/MU/D4/MTRJ/LX.5/SMA/etc, PC/APC
Cleaning Fabric Dry Special Anti-Static Microfiber Fabric1
Dimension and Weight 80(w)x120(l)x25(d)mm, 90g
Packing Individual
Replacement Reel over 500 wipes
  • How To Clean?
  • Pull the Gray Handle and then automatically open the cleaning slot.
  • Wipe (light-pressed) connector ferrule in the direction of arrow.
  • Take the Handle off.